shreds with salmon

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shreds with salmon

Shreds with salmon

  • slow cooked
  • with natural ingredients

The irresistible flavour of salmon and of selected natural ingredients... savoury genuine quality! Discover Stuzzy Shreds with Salmon, slow-cooked to daily offer your cat all the flavour of a complete diet.

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85g pouch
Suitable for
adult cat
Daily dosage
1 pouch per meal - an adult cat (ca. 4 kg) needs 3-4 pouches per day
meat and animal derivatives*, fish and fish derivatives* (6% salmon), derivatives of vegetable origin* (0.4% inulin from chicory), minerals. Additives/kg: nutritional additives: vit. E 100 I.U., biotin 100 μg, taurine 100 mg, Zn (cinc sulphate monohydrate) 20 mg, Mn (manganous sulphate monohydrate) 3 mg

*natural ingredients
Analytical constituents
protein 8%, crude fibres 0.4%, crude fat 4.5%, crude ash 2%. Moisture 82%

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